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Cheap price indicates lower cost to the consumers. Cheap or low price can be offered when cost of production is low or the cost of service is low.

Businesses look for alternatives or best option to achieve the lower cost comparing their competitors in the market they operate in, similarly consumers try to obtain their desire service or product at cheaper price within an accessible market.

Production cost or cost of service can be lower or reduced for various reasons, however one of key reasons is mass buying or bulk buying. When business can afford to buy bulk then cost can be reduced dramatically and which may lead them to sell their product or service in cheaper price. Bulk buying is not just depend on the financial stands but for reputation of the business.

Many people might have wrong concept and think that cheaper product  or service is sacrificing the quality, however its not necessarily that cheap meant to be lower quality or substandard, it could be even better than higher priced product or service in the market.  Cheap indicates the power of the providers, their efficiency, their strategy, their reputation, their sustainability and other factors of their strength. In real life if business has not got the right strategy in place then they can not offer cheap price or value for the money.

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Like other products and services, cheap taxi / low airport transfers / cheap Minicab/ cheap London taxi not necessarily will be lower quality, if you are booking your taxi/Minicab journey from a provider who has got the capability to offer cheaper fare than their competitors, service could be even better than others if the Minicab operator has got the right and effective strategy in place. Operators with larger fleets may offer cheaper price with a standard quality comparing operators with smaller fleets.

Cabs Point has combined more than 100 licensed minicab operators to provide quality and competitive priced Minicab services in and around London. Passenger travelling to or from Heathrow airport terminals , Gatwick Airport terminals, Stansted Airport, Luton Airport, London City Airport, Southend Airport or looking to have Minicab journey in and around London   can compare the price for any specific journey and can decide by themselves. Cabs Point offering 24/7 online booking in finger tips on or using Cabs Point apps or on 0203 325 0749.

Cabs Point is offering taxi service everywhere in East London, West London, South London, North London, Croydon, Romford, Harrow, Hounslow or Wimbledon area. When it comes to London airport transfer, we are very proud to offer competitive taxi fares to or from all London airports. Our special deals for airports includes the followings:

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